Monday, June 22, 2009

How does Owen like June?

For those who have asked how Owen is adjusting to his new sister, this video is for you.

Short transcript:
"I get to touch her" song
"Pillow" song
"Gummi Bear" song

Not had the "Gummi Bear" song in your head yet? Count your blessings. Listen at your own risk.


Laura said...

So adorable! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Special K said...

My gosh! So CUTE! LOVE IT

Rachel said...

So cute! And very weird - Roselyn just discovered the Gummi Bear song on youtube somehow and requests it all the time. So annoying! And catchy!

Laura said...

would you please send Owen over here, Joel could use some entertainment.

Patty said...

I loved this! Thanks for sharing those wonderful songs, Owen.

KarinInPA said...

Owen is a riot. But watch June - she's blinking you a message... "Oh my gosh, he's insane! Get me out of here!" - just kidding. Sophie never sung or danced for Laura, she read to her. Makes for less entertaining video... :)