Saturday, March 17, 2012

Their Futures Are So Bright...

...they gotta wear shades:

The only thing missing from our Spring Break was some cousin time. Thankfully, these two showed up in town unexpectedly, and Owen and June were happy to drop everything to hook up with Keely and Kaden...even if it means shopping (Owen's least favorite activity besides toenail trimming).

Monday, March 12, 2012

Don't Have a Grandson with a Dog Collar

So, we've disconnected our cable. As Owen saw Michael unhooking all of the wires, Owen put two and two together and begin to bawl "Dad, but Dad, you won't have a grandson with a dog collar! Believe MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, not that commercial! You won't have a grandson with a dog collar. Don't take away the cable!" (to have his problems, right?)

Today, when June scratched him, he expressed concern that he would "wake up in a roadside ditch" if I put a bandaid on him. (If you ignore commercials, click the links)

Um, exhibit A that we might have been watching too much TV?

Dropped off the cable boxes today; not regretting it one bit.

PS: Geometry teachers, these would be great when doing logic, conditionals, and properties at the start of the semester.

I'll Wax Your Gibbous

Owen makes up a lot of stuff, but the past few weeks, as the first graders have been studying the phases of the moon, he kept talking about the Gibbous phase (both waxing and waning). Did I fall asleep in elementary school science that week? I'll fess up to my ignorance, but here he is, schooling me via Oreos. I found the Oreo lesson online when I was educating myself so I can have a conversation with my child about science. I bought the Oreos because they were calling my name.

The young scientist in process (with a future Indiana Jones scratch thanks to a sister who is getting the hang of defending herself):

For your reference (and mine):

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Purse, My Life

Know I know why the Capital One saying is "What's in your wallet?" To ask about a woman's purse would take too long.

How that for catharsis?

If my purse is any indicator of my current life state, it's no wonder that I feel a little discombobulated.

Let's see if you can play armchair psychologist and give me some insight on what these things say about me:

a lot of free kids' meals coupons to local restaurants
at least 3 mechanical pencils
school ID
travel Kleenex
green wallet
party favor bag
iPod car adapter (no, not iPhone)
eyeglass case
coin purse
beaded bracelet
lipsticks and glosses
trash receipts

How do you men do it with just a few pockets? Oh, that's right, you ask us to hold stuff for you in our purse. What of my purse stuff is Michael's? I'll never tell.

And who knows what else is under that pile? Sadly, this was a week ago, and I put most of this right back in there. Here's to Spring Break, a little R&R, and, maybe, just maybe, a clean purse!