Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pleasure Reading

Nothing beats curling up with a good book...

...while sitting in a bucket full of wooden blocks.

What's your favorite place to read?

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Hillbilly and a Home Office

Owen told me to close my eyes while he picked out his own outfit for church yesterday. This is what I saw:

Um...that's my boy? I like to think that I'm flexible enough to let my kids express themselves, and if we were hanging out in the house (read: no one would see me out with this kid), I'd have let him keep it on. For public consumption, we kept the WORLD SERIES bound Rangers shirt and new shoes and ditched the golf hat, bubba teeth, and jean shorts. We did put on long pants, for those who read things too literally.

Yes, these bubba teeth were a PRIZE from the treasure chest at school. Maybe it was for knowing facts about dental hygiene?

We are BLESSED with a 3rd bedroom, which we use as a playroom/home office. Sometimes I play when I should be working, and sometimes June works when she should be playing.

I know, for someone as particular as I am, you'd think my workspace would be neater. And yet, I share it with children. I'm dealing with it. Deep breaths.

I tell you, though, she does a better job connecting with residents than me on most days of the week, so keep up the good work, June!

Monday, October 18, 2010

It's fall, our kids are mostly out of cribs, and they don't put everything in their mouths anymore. So what are two families with young kids to do? Go camping, of course.

So, the Cruiser headed west this weekend to join up with dear friends. Michael and Scott took the big boys on an overnight Father/Son campout. S'mores were plentiful, but sleep was not. I think the dads secretly recruited extra families to fill up the campsite because by the time the moms came out with the babies Saturday after lunch, the state park was full! Hmmm. Next time, advanced reservations will be in order. For this Type-A person, I was actually proud that we took a last minute trip, so we made the most of the day anyway.

We had a full cooler, so we parked at the picnic areas and made a day of it. Big boys fell asleep on the way home, babies fell asleep within minutes of the mattress, and adults fell asleep in the living room trying to watch this week's Office. You know you're tired when Andy Bernard can't keep you awake.

So, here's the mega post of pics for grandparents and us:

June, looking forward to the Father/Daughter campout

Gathering firewood, high steppin', and chasing an armadillo

Pile on Michael, girl time with June and Wendy

Sibling love and belly buttons

Bocce ball boys

Keeton joining in, an accident waiting to happen, and their own personal court jester

More play, more play, and June's typical eyebrow face (and that's after Wendy shared)

Boys with food and additional entertainment needed

Sibling love!

What I didn't get enough pictures of was the cross-family sibling love. Keaton following Owen everywhere and Casen being so gentle and sweet to "Juney-boy". Yes, he just realized this weekend that she is a girl. The short hair and angry eyebrows negate her pink high tops and outfits everytime.

We had a great time, and it was nice to travel with like minded parents who know that a little dirt never hurt anybody.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:
Would be a picture of the nastiness floating at the bottom of the bathtub after the 4 bathed together Sunday morning...but that would be nasty and might have the health department visiting Wendy's guest bathroom

One thing we learned: let the boys clean each other's faces. Casen definitely had the more difficult job and Owen's t-shirt might have to be used as a garage rag. Wait, we don't have a garage. Well, you get the point.

Our favorite family (and ACU's too):

(I would have included more pics of Chef Scott, but this is the only one where he did not dare me with his facial expressions to publicly humiliate him by posting his pic...don't worry, Scott, that time will come!)

Tired, but happy! That about sums up the weekend. Here's to next time.