Sunday, April 26, 2009

1 Question Answered

After my blog vomit last month, one question has been answered.

*What date will Michael be defending his dissertation?

Well, he DEFENDED April 17th. Yep, words can't really describe what an accomplishment this is for him and our family, so I'll leave it at two: PRAISE GOD! Not in the sarcastic way people say when their order finally arrives or the light finally turns green on their morning commute, but I mean it. To Him be the glory!

After too many weekends of one parent playing with Owen while the other catches up on chores/work/rest, this weekend was family weekend. We all did everything together, but my favorite part was watching the boys fly a kite at the park. Here they are.

Parenting tip: low altitude kite flying is a great way to wear your child out...but I caution you that overuse will lead to a dramatic breakdown before you return to the car...leading to weeping and gnashing of teeth (and that may be you, not your child). Use at your own risk.

As for the other questions, all in due time.

Speaking of due time...

What a difference 9 months makes! And look, I'm not the only one getting bigger! Why do we make these faces? IDK. Oh wait, yes I's easier than getting Owen to smile a real smile.

Us last July.

Nesting Nat

Nesting much? With a 2 bedroom rented apartment, there's not much nesting to do in my house itself...or at least, not much I'm willing to do with our Fresno fate still up in the air. So, I guess all my nesting instincts have gone to sewing stuff, mostly burp cloths for myself and others.

Here are pics that include:
burp cloths
pillow for my neighbor's 72nd birthday
stuffed turtle for church friend's 1st birthda
outfit (made with Mom) for church friend's newborn

I told Michael I have to stop making burp cloths or open an Etsy shop. They're so addicting. Must stop...and yet...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

For Grandparents (mostly)

Because the file is cumbersome for email, I will force video of my child upon all of blog land, instead of just the grandparents who sent him the bike. But while you're here, it's pretty cool.

It's called a Skuut and it's a pedal-free bike. You "walk it, ride it, SKUUT it, glide it" (or so the box says). Owen, only having rode it around the living room so far, is at the "walk it" stage. Still, you get the concept of balancing on a bike pretty early. And since he knows how to pedal from a tricycle, when he's ready for a big boy bike, there will be no training wheels.

Michael and I are calling it the IKEA bike because it's wooden, the instructions are mostly pictures, and it came with a mini-allen wrench to put it together in leiu of real tools. But unlike most of our IKEA furniture, it took only 3 steps to put it together.

Please ignore the air mattress deflating in the middle of the floor (from Uncle Joe's visit) and Owen's threat to cut my toes off...he rarely means it.

Here's the video for the fam:

Happy Easter!

One thing I've loved about the past year is how Owen is at the age where he "gets" the holidays. Being able to anticipate Santa or brainstorm for his birthday, it's nice to see him aware of family traditions and be excited about them.

So, after much discussion about Easter (the dude should be in a passion play after his overly dramatic reenactment of the soldiers taking Jesus) and how the cross is not the end of the story, it was also bunny time! Owen felt the need to get the eggs before the squirrels absconded with HIS eggs.

Off to the races!!

Saying something about squirrels or spiderman...our speech path. friends can comment on the lazy tongue later. ;)
Spooky, Owen, Mommy, and one big purple Easter egg under my top.

My boys (and the bear)!

Proud of himself after a successful egg hunt!

Train Trip to Hanford

Several of my Fresno friends suggested a train trip to Hanford during Spring Break for Owen, so he and I went for it.

We boarded the Amtrak at Fresno's downtown station and enjoyed the 30 minute ride south. Owen and Spooky commented on all the sights, and upon arrival, we walked to downtown Hanford. Their town square reminds me of the one in Back to the Future or in Paris, TX, take your pick.

We made the obligatory stop to Superior Dairy (that's what the Fresnans said to do), where we shared a milk shake at the counter. We walked and walked and walked, window shopping and taking a quick break at the Hanford library to read books and play computer games. It was a quick and cheap trip, and Owen was exhausted by the time we made it back to Fresno. Frankly, so was I.

But, I consider it training for our upcoming trip to Disneyland. The 4 year old needs to get used to no stroller and the 32 week preggo needs to get used to no Rascal scooter. And at Disney, I'll be 35 weeks. YIKES! I'll be my own attraction. :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Birthday Boy!!

Thanks to all the family, friends, and neighbors who have called, emailed, sent mail, and dropped off well-wishes for Mr. Owen on his 4th birthday! We've had a great day. I've gushed over him all week about how big he is, what cool things this year will hold for him (big brother, learning to read, and more), and how proud I am of the little man of God he is becoming!

Here are some pics from the past few days!