Sunday, April 12, 2009

For Grandparents (mostly)

Because the file is cumbersome for email, I will force video of my child upon all of blog land, instead of just the grandparents who sent him the bike. But while you're here, it's pretty cool.

It's called a Skuut and it's a pedal-free bike. You "walk it, ride it, SKUUT it, glide it" (or so the box says). Owen, only having rode it around the living room so far, is at the "walk it" stage. Still, you get the concept of balancing on a bike pretty early. And since he knows how to pedal from a tricycle, when he's ready for a big boy bike, there will be no training wheels.

Michael and I are calling it the IKEA bike because it's wooden, the instructions are mostly pictures, and it came with a mini-allen wrench to put it together in leiu of real tools. But unlike most of our IKEA furniture, it took only 3 steps to put it together.

Please ignore the air mattress deflating in the middle of the floor (from Uncle Joe's visit) and Owen's threat to cut my toes off...he rarely means it.

Here's the video for the fam:

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Special K said...

How much? Looks so cool!