Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

One thing I've loved about the past year is how Owen is at the age where he "gets" the holidays. Being able to anticipate Santa or brainstorm for his birthday, it's nice to see him aware of family traditions and be excited about them.

So, after much discussion about Easter (the dude should be in a passion play after his overly dramatic reenactment of the soldiers taking Jesus) and how the cross is not the end of the story, it was also bunny time! Owen felt the need to get the eggs before the squirrels absconded with HIS eggs.

Off to the races!!

Saying something about squirrels or spiderman...our speech path. friends can comment on the lazy tongue later. ;)
Spooky, Owen, Mommy, and one big purple Easter egg under my top.

My boys (and the bear)!

Proud of himself after a successful egg hunt!

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Robyn said...

You look so cute--but as I recall, pregnancy does not feel cute. I love all of Owen's facial expressions in leiu of smiles. What a fun big brother he will be! And I am totally impressed by your sewing--very neat!