Friday, September 18, 2009

All in a Day's Work

What have we been doing all day for the past few weeks?

Eating, drawing, tracing, coloring, puzzle building, lego building, cutting, singing, gluing, going to the park, bouncing at Leapin' Lizards, cooking, reading, pouting (mostly him, a little me), praying, bathing, sleeping (sometimes), racing, sorting, counting, dribbling, kicking, praising, cleaning, traveling, and more.

This week, add "tumbling" to the list. Owen is enrolled in his first organized sport, gymnastics. He's loving it!
Also add "butterfly watching". Bob Jones Nature Park in Southlake is free and fun. They even provided him with binoculars to use while we were walking the trails.

This is their compost bin, appropriately named "Darth Vader".

They have a pavillion to stop and eat at on the trail, so pack a lunch.

At the beginning, the trails are paved with pebbles, but then it's just cut through. This city kid will need a couple of rounds before he's ready for Camp Deer Run this summer. "I don't like these country sounds." I hope the cicadas weren't offended.

And our #1 activity has been to go to church and play on the playscape. This picture doesn't do this 2 story jungle gym justice (say that 3 times fast), but it's SAVING MY LIFE.

My friend Crystina and I were talking about how most blog posts are not diaries. That is, often, we do not write about our real day in all its details. The 1 hour tantrum complete with spit is reduced to a Facebook status that reads "Natalie McNeese Arnold is determined to be more determined than him" or something like that. Instead of the dirty details, I post "scrapbook worthy" pictures and antecdotes that I want to remember or share with others. The near-nervous breakdowns on Owen's part or mine are left by the wayside, perhaps as they should be.

But, in the spirit of transparency, let no one think it's always all smiles here. This is the first fall in 25 years that I have not been in a classroom, and that has been tough for me to accept. The Lord is doing a marvelous work in our family, but it is not without some heartache for me. Rest assured, though, there is much rejoicing too. I mean, seriously, with all the family and friends that love us from near and far, my life is good...even on the rough days.

PS: Be on the look out for an upcoming post regarding Michael's job and our housing situation! A couple more details to leave in His hands, and then I'll post it all. Keep prayin'!


For the part of Darth Vader...who knew a Bumbo could be so deadly?
For the new, politically correct tire ads: the Michelin girl?

Her agent.

You won't be saving these pictures for the slide show my senior year, will you? (Yes)

Look Who's Growing Up

Dressed for church. Does my head make this bow look big?

Big boy's first day of Pre-K. 3 hours every day at Hughes Elementary, the school that my mom opened several years ago and where Michael's mom is still a teacher's assistant. More on how this decision came to be in a future post...still a couple of things to work out. Until then, marvel at how big this kid is...our little man.

His only complaint about pre-school: they don't give him long enough for lunch. He's come home with a half-eaten lunch every day this week because he doesn't finish before the next grade comes in. Must be talking to his table butterfly.

To our Favorite 4 Okies...

Our college buddies Crystina and Ryan came down I-35 from Oklahoma to visit us on their way to Houston. Crys was my college roomie and Ryan my Spanish class buddy. Ah, Cupid's mysterious ways...5 years later, husband and wife. God has been so good to us with them because we all 4 get along and can maintain friendship over years and miles.

Here is Hendrix (3) and Owen (4) playing nice. I'd suggest Owen as a roommate for Hendrix in the future, but Hendrix, be warned: he does still wet the bed.

Michael and their daughter, Gentry. I sense girlie play with June is in her future. She senses Rogaine in Michael's future. ;)

Like a moth to a flame...the Hot Wheels track is awesome...along with the retro Fisher Price car garage that my parents had saved since Lee.

Here's to good friends. Next time, it's our turn to cross the state line!

Arnold Extravaganza

And finally, the Arnolds get their due. This may be the longest Arnold-side of the family post EVER, but we had a great Labor Day weekend in Austin. So, here's to family!

June in her cousin Abilene's bumbo seat (first time).

Big Mike and his mother (Nana). Nana's first time to meet June.

Owen woke up in the car. Believe it or not, this is AFTER we let him "wake up". The grumpy here is delightful compared to the original grump factor. Nana, he's not ALWAYS like this...promise.

Grammy entertaining June. Abilene, in the background, learning that you can't always be the youngest grandbaby.

While the boys were waiting for cousin Keely to get her haircut, they found this lovely display of fingernail polish options. To Owen, they're paint job options for his helicopter.

Or for baby sister.

Now Kaden's turn to help us ladies out.

Why fight over this? Because we can.

Finally, Keely's ready for her nails.

Speaking of the Keel-ster. She did a great job at getting smiles from June.

Now, off the the park with Aunt Tammy and Abilene (and her beloved Dog).

All the grandkids in one place=1 happy grammy!

I chose not to try threading this needle.

K and K in action!