Friday, September 18, 2009

Arnold Extravaganza

And finally, the Arnolds get their due. This may be the longest Arnold-side of the family post EVER, but we had a great Labor Day weekend in Austin. So, here's to family!

June in her cousin Abilene's bumbo seat (first time).

Big Mike and his mother (Nana). Nana's first time to meet June.

Owen woke up in the car. Believe it or not, this is AFTER we let him "wake up". The grumpy here is delightful compared to the original grump factor. Nana, he's not ALWAYS like this...promise.

Grammy entertaining June. Abilene, in the background, learning that you can't always be the youngest grandbaby.

While the boys were waiting for cousin Keely to get her haircut, they found this lovely display of fingernail polish options. To Owen, they're paint job options for his helicopter.

Or for baby sister.

Now Kaden's turn to help us ladies out.

Why fight over this? Because we can.

Finally, Keely's ready for her nails.

Speaking of the Keel-ster. She did a great job at getting smiles from June.

Now, off the the park with Aunt Tammy and Abilene (and her beloved Dog).

All the grandkids in one place=1 happy grammy!

I chose not to try threading this needle.

K and K in action!

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