Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Snowmen, Old Friends, and Darth Spooky

Here is our obligatory "What? It's snowing (again?) in Texas?" picture. Michael, Owen and our neighbor Sterling built this bad boy during our 4th or 5th snow of the year...it's been difficult to keep track this year, but it has confirmed that only the Lord himself could call us to serve in a cold climate. Brrrrr!

In February, we hit the road (first road trip in the Cruiser) to Oklahoma. There we reunited with dear friends Crys and Ryan. Crys and I were college roomies, and Ryan and I first met in un clase de espanol. 13 years later, we have 4.5 kids between us and a shared love for Rock Band. Yep, Crystina is expecting numero tres! Yahoo!

Here's Owen trying to fend off the groupies early. Owen had nothing but love for Gentry, which showed me that he's good with most babies.

Hendrix tapping out a beat!

Did you know there is Build-a-Bear for boys? Hendrix had a costume from a trip, and Owen quickly dressed his favorite companion.

Meet Darth Spooky!

On a Spooky note, he has been found in June's crib several times (Owen and June share a room). Owen says that "sometimes Junie needs him more than me". Melts my heart to see their attachment forming. A definite gift of grace to me.