Monday, September 29, 2008

What Animals do Police Shoot?

Owen's top 2 comments from the week:

#1 "Mooooom, I have a plan!" said like a whiny teenager when Owen was caught climbing the kitchen counters on a recon. mission for some fruit snacks. I'm sure you do, son. I'm sure you do.

#2 "Mom, why do policemens have guns? What animals do they shoot?" Can you tell I've been watching too much of The Colbert Report when my answer was "Bears"? But I'm glad he didn't put together what other options there are for real guns. And yes, he says policemens.

Top of slide at fair...pretty precarious for a grown lady to try to sit on a burlap sack at the top of a metal hill with a 40 lb. kid on your lap.

Needless to say, our friend Rob and my extra weight put us ahead of little Katie in the race.

And here's the view that had Michael giggling 5 minutes later. Click the photo to zoom in.

Thanks Rob for emailing your pictures; your camera really captured the moment! So fun!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Last Weekend in September...3 months in Fresno?!

First of all, thank you to those who keep sending me emails, posting on my Facebook wall, texting me messages, blogging comments, and leaving voice mails about my absence from the blog world. In the future, I respond to messages sent via the US postal service. When you'll pay more than $0.40 to get me to open up my laptop, I know you care.

Still, thanks to your encouragement, here are some photos of the family. Click to watch; scroll to read more about what we've been up to. PS: I would like to direct your attention to my profile on the left...note the phrases "infrequent poster" and "during the school year". Quarter grades are due in a week and a half, so my next appearance may be in October....

(Google Readers may have to click on the post itself because the photos didn't show up unless you were on the blog itself)

The photos are a combination of several things. Our niece Keely sent us a Flat Stanley project. Stanley (and thus Keely's class) will be learning more about Fresno through the travels and travails of a Fresno 3 year old. Stanley arrived the same day we picked up our weekly produce from T & D Willey Farms, so he got to experience the freshness of our local produce. Yummy. Grammie Glynda, did you know Michael eats zucchini? Oh, and Owen too.

Next stop, Stanley joined our family and the Roses to the Caruthers Fair. Let's face it, after the Texas State Fair, why try to compete? The Big Fresno Fair comes next weekend, but with 4 children (5 and under) and one pregnant lady (not me), our two families decided that a small-town fair might be the perfect size for our kiddos. And it was!

Now we're back at the house, gearing up for a couple of big weeks ahead. The River Valley Church women's retreat is next weekend, Sushi (Owen's grandma) is coming to town after that (sure, you could sing it to the tune of "Santa's Comin' to Town...Owen is), and Owen's class has a trip planned to the pumpkin patch. We have a lot coming up.

As for Michael, work is going well. He continues to see therapy clients of all kinds during the day and soon will take over the facilitation of a marital therapy group 2 nights a week. All his classes at Fuller are done; please pray for him to successfully defend his dissertation this semester.

For the NatRat, please continue to pray for strength and wisdom...managing our household and growing relationships in our community is no small thing for any of us, but as our family continues to live and serve in Fresno, please pray that we will choose our commitments wisely.

Love y'all! Until the next weekend I have a moment to breathe (and blog)...

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Here's the Wordle of my blog. It's a fun site that takes texts and makes the size of the words proportional to their frequency. (

Poor Michael.

Need a closer view?