Monday, September 29, 2008

What Animals do Police Shoot?

Owen's top 2 comments from the week:

#1 "Mooooom, I have a plan!" said like a whiny teenager when Owen was caught climbing the kitchen counters on a recon. mission for some fruit snacks. I'm sure you do, son. I'm sure you do.

#2 "Mom, why do policemens have guns? What animals do they shoot?" Can you tell I've been watching too much of The Colbert Report when my answer was "Bears"? But I'm glad he didn't put together what other options there are for real guns. And yes, he says policemens.

Top of slide at fair...pretty precarious for a grown lady to try to sit on a burlap sack at the top of a metal hill with a 40 lb. kid on your lap.

Needless to say, our friend Rob and my extra weight put us ahead of little Katie in the race.

And here's the view that had Michael giggling 5 minutes later. Click the photo to zoom in.

Thanks Rob for emailing your pictures; your camera really captured the moment! So fun!

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Wade said...

Just now reading this . . .

That last picture is one you frame and put up on the wall! Classic!

Hope you guys are doing well!