Sunday, April 26, 2009

1 Question Answered

After my blog vomit last month, one question has been answered.

*What date will Michael be defending his dissertation?

Well, he DEFENDED April 17th. Yep, words can't really describe what an accomplishment this is for him and our family, so I'll leave it at two: PRAISE GOD! Not in the sarcastic way people say when their order finally arrives or the light finally turns green on their morning commute, but I mean it. To Him be the glory!

After too many weekends of one parent playing with Owen while the other catches up on chores/work/rest, this weekend was family weekend. We all did everything together, but my favorite part was watching the boys fly a kite at the park. Here they are.

Parenting tip: low altitude kite flying is a great way to wear your child out...but I caution you that overuse will lead to a dramatic breakdown before you return to the car...leading to weeping and gnashing of teeth (and that may be you, not your child). Use at your own risk.

As for the other questions, all in due time.

Speaking of due time...

What a difference 9 months makes! And look, I'm not the only one getting bigger! Why do we make these faces? IDK. Oh wait, yes I's easier than getting Owen to smile a real smile.

Us last July.


The Tucker Family said...

Praise God! That is awesome! Also, you look amazing, really! Miss you lots! xoxo!

Kelly said...

I'm way behind on your blog and just got all caught up. I've seen that bike and wondered if it worked well...good to know. You also look great all preggo! :)

As far as the blog vomit goes, I'm one of those people that appreciates any type of authenticity and realness. Y'all are going through some major, major changes all at once. It would be crazy if you didn't have those concerns and questions. Now you have even more people to understand where you are and to pray for you. It will bless you and many others I'm sure!

Suzie said...

Thanks so much for the photos. The kite flying looks like so much fun. I am amazed at the photos of you and Owen. I really think Owen has grown more than you! Look ath his height last summer compared to now. That is unbelievable!!

We are excited for Michael and you at one more chapter that is completed in the Arnold Book of Life.

Julie said...

Ryan is going to love that there is a new "Owen movie" as he calls them.

Today Ryan had one cup in the sink and got two more out and poured a little water into the first one and said, "that's for you, Casen" and then poured a little water into the second one and said, "that's for you, Owen."

Made his mama happy and sad at the same time!

Jodi said...

LOVE the kite flying! SO fun! :)

Also, looooooooove your craftiness and sewing! Made me look very forward to a time in the hopefully not-so-distant future that I'll have time to sew again. CUTE presents you made... and handmade=heartfelt. Love that.

BTW... you are ADORABLE!!! Looking forward to GREAT baby news!