Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nesting Nat

Nesting much? With a 2 bedroom rented apartment, there's not much nesting to do in my house itself...or at least, not much I'm willing to do with our Fresno fate still up in the air. So, I guess all my nesting instincts have gone to sewing stuff, mostly burp cloths for myself and others.

Here are pics that include:
burp cloths
pillow for my neighbor's 72nd birthday
stuffed turtle for church friend's 1st birthda
outfit (made with Mom) for church friend's newborn

I told Michael I have to stop making burp cloths or open an Etsy shop. They're so addicting. Must stop...and yet...


Suzie said...

You are amazing!! I know people will get pregnant just to get a cute gift like that!! You have done an amazing job selecting cute fabrics theat are darling together. Way to go!

Sara said...

I made a dozen burp cloths before Gwen arrived - should have done more, I can never find one when I need it. So we resort to bibs: the attachable burp cloth! You'll be all set!

Julie said...

Don't stop!!! Feel free to throw your old friends in Texas a bone with some burp cloths if you need an excuse!

Good work!