Monday, October 25, 2010

A Hillbilly and a Home Office

Owen told me to close my eyes while he picked out his own outfit for church yesterday. This is what I saw:

Um...that's my boy? I like to think that I'm flexible enough to let my kids express themselves, and if we were hanging out in the house (read: no one would see me out with this kid), I'd have let him keep it on. For public consumption, we kept the WORLD SERIES bound Rangers shirt and new shoes and ditched the golf hat, bubba teeth, and jean shorts. We did put on long pants, for those who read things too literally.

Yes, these bubba teeth were a PRIZE from the treasure chest at school. Maybe it was for knowing facts about dental hygiene?

We are BLESSED with a 3rd bedroom, which we use as a playroom/home office. Sometimes I play when I should be working, and sometimes June works when she should be playing.

I know, for someone as particular as I am, you'd think my workspace would be neater. And yet, I share it with children. I'm dealing with it. Deep breaths.

I tell you, though, she does a better job connecting with residents than me on most days of the week, so keep up the good work, June!

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