Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Purse, My Life

Know I know why the Capital One saying is "What's in your wallet?" To ask about a woman's purse would take too long.

How that for catharsis?

If my purse is any indicator of my current life state, it's no wonder that I feel a little discombobulated.

Let's see if you can play armchair psychologist and give me some insight on what these things say about me:

a lot of free kids' meals coupons to local restaurants
at least 3 mechanical pencils
school ID
travel Kleenex
green wallet
party favor bag
iPod car adapter (no, not iPhone)
eyeglass case
coin purse
beaded bracelet
lipsticks and glosses
trash receipts

How do you men do it with just a few pockets? Oh, that's right, you ask us to hold stuff for you in our purse. What of my purse stuff is Michael's? I'll never tell.

And who knows what else is under that pile? Sadly, this was a week ago, and I put most of this right back in there. Here's to Spring Break, a little R&R, and, maybe, just maybe, a clean purse!

1 comment:

Laura said...

Ha ha, too true!!! I'll try to go through and purge my purse but the stuff always ends up back in there :)