Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's Official (or photographic proof for my mother)

Here we are: Dr. and Mrs. Arnold!!

Thank you to all who have prayed us through the past 7 years! (Playing the theme song of "The Neverending Story" in my head)

This is Michael and his dissertation chair, Dr. Gorsuch, at the hooding ceremony. This is where the doctoral candidates from the school of psychology are acknowledged. They each go up one by one, are hooded by their chair, and then present their "thank yous" to people who got them this far. It was super-emotional, but fabulous!!

Michael's cheerleaders: Grammie and June

Daddy and his little girl.

Michael's parents and his brother.

The tired family of FOUR!!!!

This was taken right before we went out to the parking lot to find the dead car. But hey, it was great while it lasted!!


Susan @ Blessed Assurances said...

congratulations Dr Arnold! Lots of blood, sweat and tears for you all, I am sure! can't wait to meet the sweet June

Stephanie McNeese said...

LOL, I love Owen's expression in that last picture.

Patty said...

Thrilled to have been a small part of your doctoral journey, along with the other SUPPORT-PM'ers. Lots of good times on Thursday nights, sharing and studying and praying one another through, so to speak. Thanks for letting me part of that!!