Sunday, June 7, 2009

First (and last??) Day Out

Friday was a big day at the Arnold house.

^Start the Day with Cuddles with a Sleepy Dad^

^Load Up in the Sling...almost the same position she was in-utero^

^June in Her Sling^

^Daddy and His Girls^

^At Kaiser's Lab Getting Newborn Blood Screening^

^Back at the House with the Midwife for Our Post-Partum Visit...still over 8 pounds^

^Sushi and June at our Picnic at Owen's School Grounds Before His Promotion^

^June and her Biggest Fan^
^Pre-School Promotion...Why, why why???^

^Owen and His Crew^

^Good Thing I Heard Him Practice at Home Because He Goofed Off the Whole Time on Stage^

Seriously, I did WAAAAY too much for one day. Doctor's visit, home visit, and preschool'll notice there are no pictures of me from later in the day. Heh, heh. And, thus, I've been holed up in the house ever since. Sent the boys to church (Michael joked that he was taking half the kids with him) and Owen went to the movies with Sushi this afternoon. "Up" got two thumbs up from them both. One more full day with Sushi, then a day off, and then the Arnolds arrive for Michael's graduation and to spoil Owen and June. Busy times, but we are so happy.

^Hey, When Are We Going Out Again??^


Abby said...

She is absolutely precious~ so sweet! I can't wait to meet her and of course see you guys too!

The Haydels said...

I do have a link to your blog..."the tie that binds"...right?

Julie said...

Could she be any cuter???

I have told Ryan that the count down is on for Owen to be closer to us and he said, "when are we going swimming at the hotel???"

We can't wait!

Kendra said...

Well, now that I've read on FB that you are returning to this area (yippee!!), I know I'll get to hopefully see this little precious one maybe while she's still little . . yes? Such a sweet baby girl - you're such a sweet little mama, too, Natalie. Couldn't be more proud of who you are, you know.