Monday, June 22, 2009

"Chub Chub" and "O", the Big Bro

Owen's nickname for June: "Chub-chub". What she lacks in hair, she makes up for in delicious cheek fat!

Cheeky little monkey!

Mom got this shirt for Owen and he refused to wear it while she was here. But now that she's gone, he wears it with a big grin. It's like he could sense how much joy it would bring her and he took pleasure in denying her. Why do we (and by we I mean Owen and I) do that to people?

Owen gearing up for our Father's Day walk 'n' ride.

(Much time elapsed since leaving for our walk)

Michael and Owen on our Father's Day walk. I have taken this picture from the rear for several reasons:

#1 It was the world's longest walk and I was bringing up the rear. Where's the bike, you ask? see #2

#2 Owen was beet red and sobbing because he was exhausted (long abandoning his bike because his tushie hurt from such a long ride). I had the bike balanced on top of the stroller, pushing June while Michael tried to be Coach to Owen's Rocky. After that encouragement failed, Owen ended up riding the very narrow foot rest on the front of the stroller for the last mile home. And, yes, for the record, I did lobby for the sit-n-stand stroller for 2, but someone (who shall remain nameless) said that Owen was old enough not to need a stroller. "We never walk for long enough for him to NEED to ride in the stroller, Natalie. He can always ride his bike."

#3 I had forgotten how much Michael's and Owen's noggins look the same. Amazing that Owen might ever actually be even near how tall his daddy is. On many fronts, if he's half the man Michael is, I'll be pleased.


Patty said...

It's great fun to read your blog, Nat. Too cute are your kids -- and how I can hear the discussion about the stroller not chosen. :-)

KarinInPA said...

Hey cool, Owen has a Like-A-Bike! Ours gets hardly used. I can so relate to the "half-way fatigue". :)