Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Snapshots of the Week

Neglected first-born needed a we're happy. :)

Michael and Owen at Sequoia (poor child had an accident on the way up and had to walk the park commando in 50 degree weather and then threw up on the S-curves on the way down the mountain...came home looking like a ragamuffin)

Grammie and June

Yes, I love my grandparents

Pee-Paw and June

Worn out (actually, this is what she looks like for 20 hours a day)

First frilly outfit...just wait 'til your Sushi comes back, little sister!

Owen picked out the skirt for her. So odd to me to see a newborn in a skirt (like a boy baby in a tie), but I better get used to it, no?

My kiddos. Of the 4 hours she's awake, 3.5 of them are spent being kissed on, held, and talked to by Owen. The other 30 minutes are usually Owen in a time-out for practically jumping on top of her or dive bombing me while I'm nursing her. Hey, he's still a rowdy preschooler, so I'm trying to be patient.


Julie said...

First of all, we are so, so proud of Michael. Our hearts are full at the good work God has brought to completion for him.

Second, get that baby to TX for Auntie Julie to squeeze on her!!! I think she looks JUST like Owen in a couple of those pictures. And a lady is never too young for a skirt!

Laura said...

sooooo cute, Owen and June look a lot alike! Very cute pics!

mcsneeze said...

Love Owen's haircut. It makes me think of Lee.

Glad June is getting used to snuggles all of the time. She will be in great form next week when we get to see her. Opa is practicing holding Denny like a baby!

Laura said...

Natalie, you amaze me! I would have had a meltdown with that car rental situation! June is so cute and Owen loving on her is even cuter!! By the way, major congrats to Michael and that is great that you were able to make it to the ceremony.

andrea said...

Thanks for the post Natalie! Loved seeing the pictures since it has been so long since I have seen you! Can't wait to meet June!

The Haydels said...

Love's funny how God gives us those days...just when we think we're in control. Miss you guys...

Special K said...

Thanks for following my blog and your comments. After reading this, you have no deficit of TRUST! I completely think you are so strong! I really would love your participation in this!
Again, thanks for your inspiration!
AND I LOVE THE MIDDLE NAME lightfoot! Gorgeous!