Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Aah, humility...

Our friend and pastor Matt was kind enough to send me a Facebook message asking how I was doing adjusting from working outside the home to life at home with a 4 year old and a newborn.

When I first read the message earlier in the week, I thought "well, I am a stay-at-home mom every summer, so this is not TOTALLY new to me", but I hadn't replied yet because I was busy with my parents being here.

Today, after they returned back to Texas and I was alone with a napless Owen and appropriately needy baby June, I thought "Lord, you didn't need to humble me so quickly!" It was brutal, and I left this pathetic "COME HOME NOW" message on Michael's voicemail at work.

So, to answer his question, I'll be trying to find a rhythm for the next couple of weeks. Since I'm guessing he's not the only one who's been concerned on my behalf, I'm putting it out there:

Amusing stories to let me know that I'm not alone?

Make me laugh so I don't cry, please.


Suzie said...

Did I ever tell you about the time when we had just moved to Houston? Lee was about a month old and your were 4 1/2 years old? Anyway, it was one of my first outings with the two of you and I was alone. I couldn't believe how hard it was juggling everything. You had a million questions and Lee was in this awkward baby carrier and to get the two of you in the car was an act of strength...mentally and physically. I was so proud of in the big city and out shopping with both of you at the grocery store at one time. All was fine until I got home. I realized that I had left my purse in the shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot on 1960. I drove back to the shopping center and 15 mintues had probably passed. Believe it or not, my purse was still there.
I didn't venture out like that for a few more weeks.

The moral of this story is "Parenting is harder than it looks. and Just when you think you have it together, you don't."

Laura said...

Oh you are not alone....I was up way too much with Joel last night and I can understand everything you're feeling. This is an exhausting job, and adjusting to life with one more is always a transition. If you need to talk, I'd love to listen!

Laura said...

Of course I have no great advice yet as I am going through the same thing as you MINUS a four year old... so I can only imagine! I will say that at least you have a wonderful hubby that you can leave a COME HOME NOW message to! You are most definitely NOT alone!

andrea said...

it is such an adjustment adding a little one to the family! i think it is just those first maybe 2 months that are the hardest and then, magically, everyone adjusts to their new lives. you are half way there! you can do it Natalie! God will give you the strength and grace you need to make it. AND ask for help! don't be afraid to ask your hubby for help at night either! lack of sleep cultivates serious crazy people, so maybe try bottles??? that's my plan this time around. i really think it will help lessen the overwhelming feelings during the day. oh, and lots of daddy and Owen time! and some mommy and Owen alone time too!

Rachel said...

It really does get easier. Getting out with them by yourself will always be a challenge, but in general, it just all smooths out soon. Some advice someone gave me was that when both kids are crying, your older child will remember if you tend to the baby first, but the baby will not remember if you tend to the older child first. That's not really advice that makes life easier for you, but I think it helps #1 adjust to #2.

Special K said...

You know what I think? I think that balance and happiness are great, as long as we are not chasing after them. You are stronger than you know, and too often we set our expectations too high for ourselves. So know, Nat, that WHO you are shines far brighter than any momentary doubt you may feel

TW said...

After each baby I checked out tons of new videos from the library for the first 6 weeks :) It was movie-land for the older sibs while I worked out the rest. After the six week fog lifted the tears were less and the joy came on a deeper level. Lovin your pix! Thanks for sharing your journey :) We're praying for you guys