Monday, July 13, 2009

4 months later...

4 months after my blog vomit, look how God is tying things up for me in the questions department:

*Are y'all going to be in Fresno next year? No. We are moving back to the D/FW area mid-August. Michael's internship is done, and I've resigned from my teaching position here.

*How many job prospects does Michael have in Fort Worth? He's applied for many and has 3 interviews this week.

*Will you be teaching next fall? The time to accept a job is getting smaller...this is a big step of faith for us that God will provide an income for our family without me teaching full-time. I am planning on only teaching Owen and June this fall, so until I am shown otherwise, no.

*If you do, who will watch the baby? And Owen? Crossing that bridge if we need to come to it later.

*If you move, when will you be moving?
Last date in our Fresno apartment is Aug. 16th...then the cross-country drive. We actually don't know WHERE we will be moving yet. Hopefully, that will emerge this week when we are in town.

*If you don't work, how will you afford to stay home if Michael is just starting out? Prayer and perhaps 2 jobs at once for Michael. Older friends will remember my teaching/tutoring/PartyLite days if they begin to feel sorry for Michael. He can do it.

*How much will those student loans be when he's done? Let's just say those payments will be a monthly feature in our lives for years to come. And I praise God for them because they made Michael's vocation possible.

*Really, you still have the red truck...selling it anytime soon? No sale'll have to fight your temptation to covet once again! Ha! In fact, it's getting some repair work done today in preparation for another year of service. My heart is longing for bigger vehicle, but nostalgia and finances say "it's an oldie, but a goodie." Pray "travel mercies" over it as we come home.

*What date will Michael be defending his dissertation? Hey, it's done!!!! It's receiving its final edit before printing this week, in fact. Then it can make itself useful by propping up a wobbly kitchen table or sit on a shelf as a reminder of our journey. ;)

*Will you be going to his graduation June 13th if the baby is due June 9th? Isn't God faithful down to the details. June was born June 2nd, so we got to go (you saw pics, right?).

*What if Michael doesn't pass his licensure exam this summer? Turns out, he has a year to do it and can work under a provisional license. This is a HUGE burden lifted. Now, he just has to study and prepare (in his spare time, right). With family closer to us, it should be easier to have set aside some time to study without Owen and I feeling all alone on the weekend.

*What are you doing for Owen's birthday April 8th? Wow, I was really worried when I wrote this, wasn't I? We had some families from church over (SUPER low key) and went to Disneyland a month later.

*When will you be posting pictures of Owen on your blog next? This question is a constant from the family. But since they'll be seeing Owen on our visit to Fort Worth this week, I'll be posting pictures for the Fresno folks who might(?) be missing us.

*When will be your last day of work before taking maternity leave? I took off 4 weeks before June's due date (hoping that the lack of teenager stressors would help turn the baby out of a breech position). That didn't work but 3 weeks later, she came. I am thankful for every spare minute I had to relax before blooming into a family of 4.

*What will you name the baby? June Lightfoot Arnold.

*Is it a boy or a girl? One benefit of a breech baby: you find out the gender quickly and then can push some more with that new tidbit to tide you over until you hold your baby. "It's a girl! And if you want to see her, you better keep pushing." LOL.

So, have I learned my lesson? Well, I have a new list of questions, but I'm trying to do better about giving them over to the One who has sustained us so far.

Thank you, blog friends, for lifting us up the past few months. When I've been a doubter, worrier, and full of anxieties, you've reminded me to let go. That being said, a big week coming up for us as we interview for a position with "Apartment Life" ministries and Michael interviews for counseling positions.

AND, most importantly, June's first time in Texas. A big hair bow is probably waiting at the airport with her name on it already. :)

As the Master Oogway says in Kung-Fu Panda "The past is history, the future is a mystery, and today is a gift...that's why they call it the present." So, I'm off to enjoy it (and remind myself to limit my viewing of full-length animated films).


Laura said...

such a cute post, thanks for sharing how God answers prayer....have a wonderful time in TX!

katharine said...

I love your transparency! I think it takes a lot of guts to vomit all over a blog, and not only did you do it, but you did it with class and humor. :) And the way God seriously has answered all those prayers, right down to the details of June coming early so you could go to graduation (and sit with an errant car...)? Seriously. You have inspired me to continue questioning and watching God come through. :) love and blessings on the next phase of the journey! - katharine

andrea said...

so happy things are coming together for you guys! it is so neat that god continues to work things out for us even when we can't see it! we will pray that he provide a job and a home this week!

Laura said...

Isn't it amazing how much can change over the course of just a few months? And yes, us Fresnans will definitely be looking for updates once you all are back in Texas!

Patty said...

I've not been reading blogs much lately but am so glad I caught up today. Loved this blog entry, Nat, and will be praying. God has brought you safe thus far, and glad I am to have been a wee part of that journey!! Looking forward to updates.