Monday, July 6, 2009

Catching up on Family Pictures

Quick update: doing better with the whole 2 kids thing. Thanks for all your support!

June sends greetings!

Our good buddy Joe came to Fresno for a day (next time longer, eh?). Michael and Joe had a man-date to see Transformers 2 and get some bromance hours before we move back to Texas. But we also know he wanted to see his little "niece".

June and Joe...

Remember Owen and Joe? Remember our old plaid couch? I miss Joe (and the couch).
Here's June in her first ruffle britches. (I think it's so funny how all the girls' clothes have ruffles on the rear. She appears concerned.)

She has a tendency to look serious, just like Owen, with her expressive eyebrows.

But she's starting to smile at Owen. (and he LOVES it!)

Out and about at the park on Michael's lunch break. Owen and I are conflicting on our sports loyalties...he's got his Fresno Grizzlies on and I'm sporting the Cowboys. June has the "ragdoll" neck. I always feel badly about that, but I guess she's relaxed, no?

Owen with his "stank-face" playing Guitar Hero. He's mastered the green button. There should be a name for that level.

Forgot this pic of June and Bert. He's a mush for babies.

Oh, I forgot last time:
Here's Owen at the Dodger's game. Oh, Michael and I look so young! (Especially compared to our most recent pics at the Grizzlies' game)


mcsneeze said...

great new photos, Natalie. I love the comparison, then and now. How come Joe looks younger now than 4 years ago??

andrea said...

those are such cute pictures! june is so cute and Owen and her make such a great brother/sister team! now you've got to fill me in. . .are you moving back? when?

Special K said...

I am so glad you all had fun together! I LOVE the pics of him and joe?