Saturday, October 13, 2007

Reminders that I'm not in California Anymore

From Natalie:
Since moving back to Texas, there have been several moments when it is confirmed that I am not in California any more:

1.  Students named Austin, Travis, Boone, and any other Texan historical figure.
2.  The jingle/jangle of homecoming mums down a high school hallway.
3.  A parent punishing a student for their 3rd tardy by not letting the young man show his goat at the State Fair.
4.  The Chicken Express sides menu:  fried, fried, and more fried.  
5.  A memo/reminder from school administration not to schedule things on Wednesday nights (church night).
6.  Doughnuts and kolaches at every morning meeting.
7.  In one conversation with a student, I was "yes ma'am"-ed 7 times.

Sometimes, these Texas moments bring a sense of peace...the familiar can be so soothing.  And other times, they make me feel like an outsider looking in.  I struggle integrating the experiences I have had living outside this community into my daily life here.  Discussions with Dad about recycling or with Mom about my experiences with teaching elsewhere are not always easy, but I feel that, while being considerate of other people's experiences, I cannot hold back so much of myself that people never know the whole of who I am.

Moving on:  Being a little "home-sick", Michael, Owen, and I went to Carrollton's ArmeniaFest last night.  No, I did not know that there was an Armenian community in the DFW area, and I was there less than 5 minutes before I met the neice of one of my teacher friends (Aida) from Glendale.  The food, the music, the language, the dancing, the family atmosphere...I never realized that I would miss so much about the Armenian community.  It was a great night.

Next stop:  State Fair tomorrow.  Speaking of fried food....


Wade said...

Hey Folks,

Couldn't help but notice a link from your blog! Thanks!

I can sort of relate to your having to get used to Texas. Although I was born and raised in Texas, my in-laws are transplants from NoCal!

They've acclimated themselves pretty well - although they still swear that In-N-Out burgers are better than Whataburger's. Sacrilege!

That being said, Chicken Express is pretty tough for me to stomach as well - but they sure do have great sweet tea! Another southern classic!

Give us some time - we'll grow on ya'!

Wendy said...

You can't come from the land of In-N-Out burgers and think the Chicken Expresss sides are too greasy! Ok, well, maybe you can. :)

Also, I tagged you (both), so post up!


Suzalee said...
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