Sunday, October 28, 2007

Future Cheuk

For all my Camp Deer Run friends, you know it's never too early to start the "indoctrination". That being said, I've been singing the Cheuk* night devo song to Owen since he was born, and tonight, he finally sang it with me. He does most of the last words in a line and the whole chorus. I bolded his words. For those of you who do not know the wonder of singing a night devo song in the piney woods of East Texas, I feel for you. When I need a "safe place" that I go to in my mind, it's always CDR.

So Owen and Mommy sing:

At night as I lay on my pillow,
I think of my Father above,
And I know that he cares for me all through the night,
For I am a child of His love.

I think of the mercies of heaven,
The stars as they twinkle and shine,
Of the beautiful showers and all the green flowers,
Yes, all of these blessings are mine. <-----doesn't every 2 year old know "mine"?

God is love,
God is love,
God is love.

Repeat until your child says "Goodnight, Mommy".

That being said, now I can add another "safe place"...singing with Owen at night. What a gift, what a gift!

*Cheuks are the names of the youngest campers who spend the night at Camp Deer Run. I was a camper and counselor there, as was Owen's Opa Greg, Uncle Lee, and so many other dear friends...and hopefully, one future camper named Owen.


Wendy said...

Um, not to change the subject from CDR, but any chance of any Owen Halloween pics showing up on here any time soon?

Susie Q said...

I sing this song to myself always!

Never too late for CDR time! :)

Love you friend