Sunday, April 18, 2010

5 Predictions for Year 5

5 Things I See for Owen this Year:


Lucky guy received a great hand-me down bike from his cousins in Austin for his birthday. Thanks Keely and Kaden! On a side note, I also predict that Michael will begin the corrective chiropractic care needed to remedy the hours spent hunched over trying to teach Owen.What was your first "big kid" bike like? Mine was a Strawberry Shortcake one that I soon ditched for a blue BMX-ish bike to ride around the neighborhood with Cameron Enterline. Aaah, elementary school!


Thanks to our dear friends Rae and Bert, Owen was introduced to the old Star Wars movies last year, and his affection has not waned. So, this year, we did a themed party at the house. We had a lightsaber cake, asteroid hunt, and homemade lightsabers to take home (none of those an original idea...what did moms do for ideas before Google?). I do not see this interest fading, especially after generous family members helped him along with some cool vehicles for his action figures.


These friends from church, school, and a couple of "arranged" friendships have been an answer to prayer for us. Owen loves these guys and was very clear about his invitation list.

His seat partner at school, "Ci-Ci". That's his nickname for Crystal.
Caleb, Ryan, Jadeyn, and the birthday boy. Owen loves J because "she likes Star Wars just as much as me!"

Trinity is another buddy from school. She has the best laugh...this huge trucker laugh comes out of this little petite preschooler. I love it!
Casen...who won the award for farthest distance traveled for cake (from Abilene).

#4 HE WON'T DISOWN US can't disown their parents can they? What I mean is that he knows a good thing when he sees one, and our family is a good thing!

Owen mentioned the other day how he likes being here in Texas. He said, "I like this apartment better than going back and forth, back and forth on the plane and in the car." Me too, me too. Here's to loving family and friends.

Grammy and Trish (Trinity's mom and my friend)
Aunties Wendy and Julie (whose sons Ryan and Casen are in an "arranged" relationship with Owen...friends because mommies are friends...luckily, the boys have fully embraced it!)

Molly and Mr. Tim (Miss Debbie was in class with Mom)...Molly gets the non-family award for most Owen birthdays attended. She has signed 3 of Owen's 5 birthday books. (Every year we get Owen a book for his birthday and all party attendants sign it with a message).
Miss Kristen (Jadeyn's mom and Owen's Tuesday Bible class teacher)
My absolute FAVORITE pic of Owen lately. Genuinely enjoying his Opa. Sushi had her end of semester presentation for her grad. school class, so she was not there this time. :(

Grammy and Pee-Paw

Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Lee (and "Biscuit" niece or nephew, due in November!!!)

Auntie Julie again with Baby Chloe...last time we were going over to their house, Owen ran up to June when she woke up and said, "Guess what, Junie?! You get to see Chloe today!" in his best smoopy-woopy-saccharine baby voice. Yes, June and Chloe are also an "arranged friendship".


No pictures of this one yet, but I am so excited about the pre-reading skills that are transforming into actual reading. I try not to project too many of my interests onto Owen, but as a bookworm, my heart does flip-flops when he identifies a sight word, sounds a new word out, or asks me to read with him. Reading was my favorite thing about kindergarten...which is only a few months away. I hope that reading gives him freedom to explore his interests more deeply, nurture a passion for God's word, and foster the awareness that there is a greater world outside of himself.

Lastly, I'm just putting this one in to remind ourselves that some little apples don't fall far from the tree. Here's Ryan K. at Owen's party...And his dad Charles K. with June last month...

I love our friends! Thank you all who were able to come to celebrate Owen, and thank you to our "faraway" friends who called, emailed, texted, snail-mailed, and prayed birthday blessings to Owen. We love you!


Suzie said...

You write the best blogs. You have such a poignant perspective of the blessings in our lives. Love it!!

katharine said...

Look at how far you and your precious family have come since your self-proclaimed meltdown in the airport last year! :) Thank you LORD for his faithfulness, eh? :)