Monday, May 10, 2010

A New Job?

You know that it was an especially long pledge drive for our local public radio station when today Owen says, "Mom, I know what can be your new job. You can be a proud supporter of KERA."

He did give me his top reasons for this new career:
"#1 You can still be my mom
#2 You can still work at our apartments
#3 You can be on the radio
#4 You can also be on TV...did you know KERA is the TV's pbs? I heard that.
#5 You do listen to it and so you can be a proud supporter."

He then proceeded to practice his radio voice. "Good morning, ladies and gentlemens. This is me, and you can hear me on KERA." I don't know what my next job will be, but at least I will have a career coach when the time comes.

Here he is in line for his first field day. Pre-K all had light blue shirts (from home or to buy from the school). I will not detail the drama that occurred when he found out I was not buying a shirt. Let the mother's guilt continue...

June, watching brother from the sidelines. Yes, she is holding a sippy cup, but do not be fooled. It is just to play with; to drink from it would be too much.

All activities were with water, so I'm sure his teacher and her assistant earned an extra jewel in her crown getting all 20 Pre-K kids changed into dry clothes before going home.

Our neighbor Janya is in his class too. Ladies first...

And in the future, maybe Teacher Appreciation Day (extended to the whole week at our school) should happen AFTER Field Day. You guys rocked! Owen had such a great time, and afterwards marveled in the fact that "MOM, we got there, ate our lunches, and DIDN'T EVEN WORK!" Oh, the joy!

On sister's side, she's figured out how to feed herself finger foods. Here she is delighted with this new skill:

Now though is the time I wish we had a dog to lap up all the failed attempts. Instead, I will be scrubbing the apartment grade carpet below the high chair. Never fails to miss the washable mat under the's like it repels the food onto the carpet. Oh, designers of multi-family housing, why carpet in the dining room? Why?

Last one for the day: June and her main squeeze.

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