Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter at the Ranch

The school where my mom works (aka The Ranch) had an egg hunt for teachers' kids and grandkids. Here is June, happy to hug on Sushi's neck.

Here's Mr. Cool, putting out the vibes to all the kindergarten ladies. How you doin'?

Sibling love (in front of the matching Aslin girls too...they are SO cute!...shame I cut their heads off).

Got one!

Here, you want it?

June surpassed her previous bow wearing record (10 minutes) by being distracted enough to keep it on for over an hour! She may be a true Texas girl after all.

Owen inspecting the loot. When asked why we celebrate Easter, he responded, "Treats." With a lot of reteaching this week, he's able to share the Resurrection story. Shame we're undoing all of that effort with more treats! But then again, I can't raise the dead so my object lesson there may be a little weak. ;)

And finally, June with Charles. We made a trip to Dallas for Ryan's 4th birthday, where June got to wear a ring toss tiara and develop a life-long attraction to men with extreme facial expressions.

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