Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter Bunnies

He is Risen! What a joy to celebrate Easter with our family. Here are some pictures from Easter Sunday. The Arnolds and McNeeses had brunch at my mom's house (amazing!), and the little ones got all dressed up for the event!

June's first Easter. Yes, if you look closely on the sides, you will see some curls sprouting. She will have hair! It might be a "skullet" for the next few months, but locks of love, here we come!

Showing off the cute bib Donna Jo made for June...also showing off a bit of flexibility. I see a gymnastics class in her future!

Tired, but happy.

My niece Abilene thought the hunt started a little early.
Hurry, sister, because Owen is on the hunt!


Little big man:

Who needs toys when you have paper? June's favorite objects of interest are #1 paper or any other "crinkly" object #2 bags (I often fill a canvas bag with random household objects and she will unload that for a loooong time) #3 shoes.

I won't wear a bow on my head, but one foot tall bunny ears, why not?

May you too experience new life in Christ! Happy Easter!

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