Thursday, August 27, 2009

To Good Food and a Better Friend

One of our favorite outings with Joe when we're in LA is Korean BBQ. After Joe's culinary tour of Fort Worth (Babe's, The Love Shack, Twisted Root, Spring Creek BBQ, BBQ in our backyard, Posado's, etc.), it was his turn to take us to BBQ in Dallas. Lee and Dad had never had the opportunity to enjoy it, and the rest of us are always up for more. So, off we went.

At this restaurant, the grill is in the middle of the table. You choose your meats and grill them at your table. There are a lot of side dishes to pair with the meat, and that's my favorite part. Kim-chi, glass noodles, bean paste, tofu, salted sesame oil, jalapenos, garlic, lettuce cups, rice and more are in little bowls all over the table. It's definitely a communal table, with people passing stuff all over the place. We were impressed with the quality (compared to LA's). The one main difference is that our place in LA is all you can eat. We had a variety of beef and pork, all delicious. And as if that wasn't enough, we had to stop by the Internet Cafe/Bakery/Boba Shop next door.
Dessert first?

Our primary destination:

Owen outside:

Yes, this signage was of no help to me.

No, she's not stuffing rice in her cheeks for later. They're that chubby.

My brother. Can you tell which one of us has been inside all summer? PALENESS!

Owen cleans up at any Asian restaurant, but Korean BBQ is one of his favorites!

Dad and his adopted son, Joseph. Mom and Dad almost offered Joe the guest bedroom long term.
Joe said he'd be tempted to move to D/FW, but he's afraid he'd gain 15 pounds the first month. I told him the humidity would be like him going to the sauna in LA, so what's the difference?
I'm craving it now, but would it be wrong to go without Joe? Not if you came too.


Julie said...

Is that restaurant in Dallas? I think I may have been there with our neighbors who are Korean food junkies!

Special K said...

Yum-o! Looks very scrumptious! Wish I could join ya!