Monday, August 31, 2009

The Porch

My favorite part of my parents' home is their back porch, which was not there when I grew up. They added it on several years ago, and it is so area, dining room, sitting area, kitchen prep area, AND bath.

My dad installed a farm sink on the back porch, and it's June's favorite place to take a bath. And I must admit, I wish I could take a bath outside, but I pity the neighbor who catches that view.

Here's June, marveling the faucet.
Guess who's helping...
Big brother can help more here than inside, so that's a bonus.

Excited much?

Aaah, bathing near the flora.

The porch concrete was also a canvas for Owen last week. Joe left his shaving cream behind because of TSA regulations, and we put it to another use. Owen has been practicing writing his name (O-W-and then chicken scratch for now), and he had fun with a bigger space to write. Bonus, his hands and fingernails were the cleanest they have been in quite sometime. June was there for moral support!

Bonus: clean up is just a water hose away!

Here's June in the sink. Notice how big her eyes get when she first hears Owen talking. Other than that, it's mostly for interested grand- and great-grandparents. :)

Moral of this story: Feeling cooped up inside? Come join us on the back porch.

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