Thursday, August 27, 2009

For Wade (and Other Cowboys Junkies)

Here's the story that goes with the slide show.

Michael and Joe went on a tour of Cowboys Stadium last week, and the only other person I know that would not think Michael was a total dork is Wade S. So, for you I post a slide show of pictures Michael took while they walked the stadium.

Joe was patient to endure the tour AND the commentary on the ride home (he's a fan of many teams...usually choosing one that will intentionally annoy you...the Raiders, for example). God love them both!

I didn't label every pic, but unless you intentionally avoid all NFL-related news (like my mom), you've probably seen pictures or heard commentary. The tour was a lot cheaper than game tickets, and you get more rooms, luxury suites, etc. That's the last time I want to hear Michael's been in a shower with Joe.

And in typical dude style, Michael or Joe are in none of the pictures. Grrr. But it is a jewel in the City of Arlington's crown. Now, if only Jerry can manage the team as well as he does the stadium. GO COWBOYS!