Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Know, I'm a Tease...but

Several weeks ago, I presented the question "Sanity or Savings?". Should I save money and drive cross-country with Owen and June, or should I remain a (somewhat) sane person and just fly home?

Well, I'm delighted to tell you that we did both...we moved ourselves and stayed sane. Well, sane as we ever were.

The last week at a glance:

Saturday, August 8th: packed the moving truck.

Sunday: drove to LA to visit the Emmetts

Monday: picked up Joe in Pasadena and headed out

Tuesday: left from outside Pheonix

Wednesday: left from Van Horn, TX and arrived in Fort Worth at 8 pm

Thursday: unloaded stuff to storage and my parents' house

Friday: organized and begin culinary tour of Fort Worth (for Joe)

Saturday: Apartment Life training all day (first day away from June) and church

Sunday: Family Day

Monday: Organizing Stuff and Playing with Kiddos

Tuesday: Organizing stuff and playing with kiddos

Tomorrow: continue praying for placement in an apartment and a full-time job for Michael as I stay home with Owen and June

I'll post more about the trip later in the week; don't worry. I have to have a chunk of time.
Here are a couple of pics to tide you over, though:

Owen and June at the Super 8 Hotel. For all of you who like June's chubby cheeks, I wish you were there to lovingly clean out the drool that collects under those jowls after a 10 hour car ride. BLECH!

Look, who's happy? EVERYONE!

Inventor of the portable DVD player...I salute you!


Laura said...

So glad you guys made it. We already miss you!!

Special K said...

As a mom, you are like a general waging a war against chaos! Wow, Nat...you inspire me with your positive grace...