Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Since Owen can write now, he crafted his own 10 (!?) item list for Santa. For posterity, it read:

1. Kong Zoo (Um, yeah. It's the phonetic spelling of the fighting hamsters. Real hamsters would be cheaper and more entertaining.)
2. iFon (even more hilarious! an iPhone)
3. ubrlu (his own he can be P. Diddy's umbrella man?)
4. Toy Store 3 (almost there...Scripps Spelling Bee, here we come)
5. Nija trtls (heroes in a half shell...turtle power!)
6. DS (what? is there something wrong with the used GameBoy your grandma scored for you this summer? Ingrate.)
7. Baklgan (the devil toys that have come into our house thanks to an "innocent" McDonald's happy meal...HA! Bakugan. No thanks)
8. Mreo Wii Game (happy to oblige! Mario rocks)
9. PSP (again...what are you trying to tell me about your GameBoy?)
10. Olr cok (an alarm clock. Your wish to wake up to the world's most annoying sound has been granted. Now, how is it that you and June can sleep through the buzzing but if I dare to step into the kitchen with the pipedream of enjoying a hot cup of coffee from start to finish, you hop out of bed like rabbits?)

Now the list didn't matter in the end because his answer to every adult's prying inquiry ("What are you asking Santa to bring you for Christmas?") was "a Pillowpet". Seriously. I hope the offspring of the Pillowpet and Snuggie inventors marry and have children. I can't wait to see what thing I'm convinced to buy next. Oh wait, it's a Kung Zhu.

Santa had a good time trying to follow the list and still have fun surprises. The robot grabber was a hit. I'd show you a picture, but the camera keeps getting grabbed out of my hand. And ignore the price on the link. A Wal-mart $5 special!

We know some folks who do product review blogs for side income. We earn no income from the following endorsements, but I can pretend...

What else do the Arnold kids love?

Books...oh, wait. That's the instruction manual from Super Mario Galaxy 2. Still, books. And June loves her new cat shirt from Aunt Nini. She's worn it 2 out of 5 days and it was in the dirty clothes for 3 of them.

Books in Sushi's chair with a snuggly cousin too.

Boba Fett the Bounty Hunter Helmet. Thanks to Lee and Nini (Stephanie's nickname), guests may now choose between Boba Fett and Darth Vader helmets when they light saber battle in our home. Thank you. Really, thank you.

Ah, wish #3. Thank you Santa! Good thing we don't believe in the open an umbrella inside and get bad luck because if we did, 2011 is NOT our year.

Now, what I REALLY love!
Not those little buns (though the Christmas Eve pjs were SO cute), but June's new kitchen hutch.

This was a Craigslist find from October, and it is my new favorite purchase from a stranger's home. ;)

Now, if you had $35 to spend, what would you have chosen? Kung Zhus or this beauty?

Sometimes Christmas shopping is a no brainer!

What was your favorite present?

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