Wednesday, January 12, 2011


In October of '09, I posted some before shots of our apartment.'s January of '11. So for those of you who have been on the edge of your seat for over a year now, these are for you. ;)

Now for those of you who I've been blessed to host in our home, I know you're saying, "That's not your apartment. I've been in your apartment. I almost suffered a high ankle sprain from stepping on toys and 'bout near tore my ACL weaving through books and action figures on the floor. And that couch? It's only slightly covered with the behind of a baby, not fully draped in piles of folded laundry."

And to you all, I say, "You're right."

I put away the Christmas decorations, and I figured this will be the cleanest my living room looks in 2011. I should document this for posterity. And PS: at least the laundry is folded.

More pictures:

A close up:

The dining area. Yes, that's the most cleared off the table will be this year too. I'm trying to have realistic goals for myself.

And this is my least the floor. I might get around to deep cleaning it and showing it in its glory sometime before 2012. But if you didn't learn your lesson last time, let me give you a hint...don't hold your breath. Just come over instead.

Why the difficulty cleaning? Same reason Juney-pants wears no pants. We have other priorities. Like wearing fur lined boots.

May 2011 be a year that you love where you're at, enjoy your space, and share it with matter if it's tidy or not.


Special K said...

Those boots, your ways, your simple elegance...ummmm FASHIONABLE!

Jodi said...

Oh. How. I. Love. This. Post. Makes me feel so much better about life!! :)

And your place is adorable.... it is obvious it fosters much love.