Friday, January 28, 2011

Chain Letters and Coloring

Thanks to the Carders, Owen and June received their first chain letter. Yep, "The Sticker Club" letter arrived. The thing about having a reader in the house, is that it's a lot harder to hide things.

Things I've been caught on lately:
  • The menu offering at school (Oh, you're right. It IS sloppy joe day. My bad. He loves those things.)
  • The time it actually is at night (What? We weren't trying to put you to bed at 6:30. Really...We weren't.)
  • Mail addressed to Owen and June (from the Disney video club...that's right, I don't care when or what is released from their vault of profit and mass merchandising...I'm not buying. I know my friend Heather just had a small stroke reading that statement. Sorry H.H.)
So, when Owen found the sticker club letter from E & E, he read it to find out that if he sent this to 6 friends, he could receive as many as 36 sticker sheets in return. He loves getting mail and June loves stickers. Jackpot!

We began addressing envelopes and apologizing to friends ahead of time. It really wasn't that bad, and I kept hoping our friends didn't feel obligated to send anything. My favorite part about it all was watching Owen hype it up to June every day as they checked the mail.

The result:
A happy baby and content mail box checker.

Along with the stickers, June has discovered the world of markers.

Maybe I'll finally get through the leftovers of my class sets of markers from my teaching days.

Showing off to Mini-Spooky.

Mini-Spooky came from Michael's grandmother's things (she passed away in October). The kids have always been drawn to it when they would visit her, and Michael's mom sent it home with June. June loves to be like her bubba and love on her "Pooky Beh".

What are the odds of finding another hideous orange teddy bear? If you look closely, his nose is a MasterCard logo. Dave Ramsey, eat your heart out!

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Jodi said...

Ok, can I send you my address and beg to be in the Sticker Club?!?! That is soooooooo up Reagan's alley, and maybe your kids will get more that way!??! Hate to invite myself (I will TRY to forgive Amy C for not sending them to me.... ha!), but I'm doing it anyways.... can we please be in the club? Pretty please? If yes, I will send you my address on fb.