Monday, December 27, 2010

Stage Mom

When our church said they were looking for young ones to participate in the elementary school musical, Mr. Owen's ears perked up. So, after much deliberation, we took the plunge and dove into the world of children's productions.

Aah, his father's son...

Thankfully, Miss Patty has this gig near-perfected and the organized practices were only once a week for one hour after church. The rest of the practice fell on our shoulders. How so? Miss Patty gave all the kids a recorded CD of the music and a DVD of the dances to practice at home...and in the car...and at the park...and anywhere else the songs popped into Owen's head.

Ready to go...He even wrote invitations to all his teachers at school and invited his best friend from preschool, Trinity.
That's Owen and Trinity runnin' wild after the performance and sugar cookie reception. I did say Miss Patty has it near perfected. Sugar cookies at 7:30 pm on a school night? Well, it was the holidays.

By the time the performance rolled around, you could tell which kids in the audience were younger siblings because they were the ones singing along and doing the hand motions in the pews. Even June sways in the car to the 3 songs Owen performed in the musical.

His part? A cowboy.
The kids retold the story of Jesus' birth from the perspective of toys at a store. The cowboys acted like the shepherds, and in the end, the kids and toys realized that the greatest gift anyone could receive at Christmas was the gift of love that God gave us through his son Jesus.

Here's the cast of toys. Lots of cowboys, cowgirls, Bo Peeps, and aliens to be had at this store! The aliens as the wise men ("Take us to your leader!") were a hoot!

Owen got to be on the first row which was great for his safety and difficult for his focus!

Owen and his posse.

Owen was fascinated by Miss Glamour on the left. Those 5th grade girls!

He found me during dress rehearsal. June found Owen during the performance and yelled "OWEEE! OWEEE!" more times than the family in front of us appreciated, I'm sure.

The opening number! Yep, that's more than 200 elementary school kids. God bless Miss Patty and her crew!

Happy as a clam!

It was a blast to see Owen enjoy himself in a new environment, and it was great to share the night with friends and family!

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