Monday, December 27, 2010

Auntie Again!

On November 10, 2010 I became an aunt again. Michael's siblings all have children, and this year, my brother announced to the family that he and his wife Stephanie were also expecting a child. Stephanie asked me to attend the birth, and I was elated to do it. So elated in fact that I received my first speeding ticket EVER on my way to the hospital to meet up with them. Actually, I was so distracted by the corn dog I was chowing down on the way that I didn't notice the speed limit. I think the mustard still on my lip might have offended the officer, and thus, I am on probation in the city of North Richland Hills. :( Back to the important part of this story:


Stephanie keeps us updated on all things Gordon, including his birth story on her blog, so I'll let her tell about that wonderful evening. Plus, she has way more pictures than me of that sweet baby. When I'm around him, my hands are full of him, not a camera!

As for me, here are 3 Great Things About Being an Aunt Again

*It makes you appreciate how big your own "babies" are. Seriously, when did June become 38 inches tall?

*At a birth, you get to scream out of joy, not effort! I was so honored and overjoyed to be a witness at Gordon's birth. You'd have to ask Stephanie about my future as a birthing coach, but I love being able to help Lee and Stephanie in whatever way they needed me then, now, and in the future.

*You appreciate your sibling in new ways. Lee is an amazing husband to Steph, and if you know them, you've seen it yourself. Still, to see him love and support her in the ways that she needs, both as a wife and as a mother, is so affirming of the man he is. He'll never be my "little brother" now that I've seen him as a father!

Overall, this experience has reminded me that, although my parents never had another girl, in Stephanie, I have a sister. I love her, the wife she is to Lee, and the mother she is to Gordon.

Join me in praying for them to bask in the richest blessings God is pouring out on their family!

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