Monday, November 29, 2010

One Day, My Wife Will...

Before I tell silly stories about Owen, let me brag for a moment. Here are some pictures of Mr. Kindergarten in his school's library.
Owen was picked to "teach the teachers" at their recent faculty meeting. The topic was goal setting, and he was asked to share his reading and writing goals and what he was going to do to meet his goals. It was precious to see him read from his writing journal and talk about his plans to use more lowercase letters in his stories. Big goals for a big guy, I tell you!

Owen reading to June; June inspecting the soles of her shoes.

He did a great job! And then there are mornings like yesterday:

(For those still waiting around for the end of the title post, here we are.)

Yesterday Owen had all Wii privileges taken away, not to be restored until he allowed a personal hygiene ritual to take place. He screamed, yelled, fussed, pouted, and finally de-escalated until he said he was willing to be bored for the rest of his life. Then, he started to smile. Thinking he might be ready to talk, I asked, "What are you thinking about?"

His reply: "Well, one day I will get married. And my wife will buy me a Wii. So, I don't need to cut my toenails."

Me: "Um, it might be difficult to find a wife when you have dragon nails, O. Most girls don't like that."

Mr. Dragon Nails: "Well, I will just wear socks or be lonely."

So, for all my friends who would like to arrange their daughter to be married to Owen, ask yourself this before you consider the match: does she like year-round socks and Super Mario Brothers?


Holly said...

Love it!!

Jodi said...

OH my goodness, that is just stinkin' funny!