Friday, November 12, 2010

All I Needed to Know I Learned While My Son was in Kindergarten

Self control: when a kindergartener is assigned a project to do at home, I will let said kindergartener do the project himself. Really. If I have to sit on my hands, I will let him do the project himself.

And this is the result:

Great job, eh? Lesson learned. He had to take a science word and make a hat, and this is his:

A dead wasp nest from my dad's house, packing tape, an old hat, and a working definition of "Habitat". Owen loved it and received a lot of compliments at school.

Class photo. Look, Mrs. Butley's got her listening ears on.

Where's a hall monitor when you need one?

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Anonymous said...

so cute, Samanthas elementary did the same thing, it was school wide and they had a hat parade through the halls. Kathy Welch