Friday, November 12, 2010

A Knight and His Lady

Happy Halloween from Knight Owen and Princess June!

Getting ready to go trick or treating:

On guard!

Princess Junie-pants was too cool to walk. She rode in her stroller most of the way...and yes, that is an Easter basket being used as a Halloween bucket.

Our friends' neighborhood went all out for Halloween. This was the scariest house that Owen and his friend Trinity were willing to approach. Braver than I am, for sure.
Playing with the loot. Aah, to be so innocent that you don't know the sinful treats awaiting underneath each wrapper!

At our apartment Halloween party, we entertained over 100 residents and volunteers. Here was June's favorite helper, her PeePaw.
This kid was out of control; where were his parents? Oh yeah, in charge of musical chairs. Nothing builds community like musical chairs. Try it some time.

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jaymie said...

oh man...owen the knight is cracking me up. And I LOVE the school project. The former teacher in me LOVES LOVES LOVES that. Way to go did perfect letting him do it...priceless and perfect!