Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Three Amigos

Wendy came in from Abilene, Julie drove over from Dallas, and the three amigas were reunited...but this post (as most do) turns to our children.

The three amigos proud of the cars puzzle they built. As usual, Casen is holding something related to Buzz Lightyear, Owen is holding Spooky, and Ryan is ready for action.

3 cheers for lunch! Keaton liked standing at the table with the big boys, trying to mooch their food. Pardon my son's "see-food".

Prepare to zone out, I mean, enjoy the movie.

I'd love to show you all 6 kiddos together, but June and baby Chloe slept through the whole experience. Until our next get together...Great Wolf Lodge for the annual K/K/A holiday event.

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Kelly said...

Fun times! Hope all is well with you Let me know what your schedule is like these days and let's get something on the calendar.