Thursday, November 12, 2009

Amazon Baby

I'd like to tell you that the proportions in these pictures are distorted, but, no, June is actually that big.

She turned 5 months last week. She's only 11 inches shorter than Owen, and she weighs 19 pounds. It's madness that she's almost half a year old, and I get a little misty thinking about it. So, I'll stuff that emotion and move on.

Owen missed school last Friday when his buddies were in town. His sweet teacher gave him his "make up" work on Monday. The letter of the week was "N", so he made a Fruit Loop necklace. He hates cereal, so there was no temptation to nibble.

Once we tried to put it on Owen's noggin...we realized that our necklace was more of a headband. Good thing the letter of this week is, in fact, "H".

Rock star headband. This is really the face he takes with every picture, but sometimes he gives me another pose after.

Try again, please.

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Laura said...

She is so adorable! There must be something in the water in Fresno as Hazel was 19 lbs 14 ounces at her 6 month checkup (95th percentile) and in the 97th percentile for height!