Monday, November 30, 2009

I Know He's Laughing At Me

I can't help but acknowledge (and chuckle) at the way God is providing for me today.

Three goals for the week:
to have a morning quiet time
to work out (my sister-in-laws have reminded me by their example)
to get ready before the kids wake for the day

Mission accomplished by Michael taking my car keys to work so I have to walk Owen to and from school (4 miles total today)...there's my workout (for the week?)

June woke up at 5 am, sleeping again at 5:30, leaving me just enough time to get ready until Owen woke up. I grumbled about it (she usually sleeps longer) until I realized that the Lord was actually making an early morning time EASIER for me. Funny, God. That's funny.

And now, to see what time I collapse tonight. Lord, you are generous...and reminding me that when I pray "however you want it to be done, just help me", I better mean it, right?


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Donna Jo said...

Natalie this totally reminds me of myself! I pray and pray and pray for patience and God does something hilarious for me to practice! It is so wonderful!