Friday, January 2, 2009

"A Shower of Blessings Every Day"

In college, Michael and I had a friend who described her then-boyfriend (now her spouse) as a "shower of blessings every day". At the time, we gagged a little and then, after regaining composure, hoped that was true. That phrase comes up a lot at our house, all too often with heavy sarcasm, but today, I can say that this trip has truly been "a shower of blessings every day".

As I wrap up week 2 of our 3 week tour de Tejas, I am once again reminded of God's faithfulness to Michael, Owen, and me. Since birth, He has provided us with loving and supportive families, and as they grow with spouses and children, each addition has brought us more joy. So, thank you to my family and in-laws for the time and love you continue to invest in us.

M. Arnold Family - I loved that Michael saw more movies in the theater with his mom in the past week than he has with me since June. Ebert and Roper, those two!

B. Arnold Family - seeing my niece and Owen made me know a little girl would be so fun!

R. Smith Family - seeing my nephew and Owen playing in the backyard made me know another boy would have its benefits too

McKinley Families - loved seeing the little cousins growing up and meeting Chase and Bryan for the first time!

(Glynda is the photographer in the family, but we need to get her a digital camera. Once I get copies of the photos she took at the fantastic Arnold Family Christmas, I will scan and upload them for the family)

G. McNeese Family - thanks for helping me make my weight gain goal for the month! Food, glorious food!

A. McNeese Family - still waiting to play Catchphrase with Haley!

D. McNeese Family - thank you for staying over a night!

L. McNeese Family - still loving Nini's new boots!

C. Pierce Family - thanks for the bounce house time Jordan!

J. Moye Family - we missed you Jim!

Moreover, I am so thankful for God's continual hand on our friendships. He continues to nourish older friendships, those people in our lives who have grown up with us and still love us, and He has provided us with additional relationships that have grown out of times of need in our adult lives.

S. Kilmer Family - I realized this trip how much I count Scott as my friend too, not just Wendy! (and not only because he guards his son from hot miso soup)

C. Kiser Family - If Owen could type, he'd write pages about his time at Great Wolf Lodge with you guys. To next year!

C. Spencer Family - Thanks Rachel for letting our kiddos play together and for sharing your time with us. I look forward to more time in TX (or in blogland) to catch up!

D. Bohannon Family - thanks Dianne for expanding Dave's culinary experiences! Such a fun couple!

A. Howard - I liked knowing I'm not the only one who nods off before the ball drops on New Year's. (How many days until March 14th? Yep, Abby and Kris are gettin' hitched!)

K. Haydel - Thank you for laughing with Michael about all things, great and small. He needed to do it, and I needed to hear it!

C. Bell - Faithful friend, thank you for your time!

After all of this, why do I worry about our times in a new town? Has He not always answered our call and desire for relationships with other believers, in whatever stage we have been? Why then, do I worry now?
One week left in ol' Fort Worth...still left on the agenda:
Dinner with the Grysen Girls (regardless of their legal married names, they are still the Grysens)
Visiting teacher friends at Northwest High School
Day out with Mom and Owen
Play date with Julie and Ryan
Oh, and yes, lesson planning because (boo-hoo-hoo) school starts again next Monday
That being said, I've now been gone from Fresno long enough to know who I'm missing. Josh and Laura, please look out for Michael. He'll be loose on the town for a week before Owen and I return. Goodness help you!

Remembering His faithfulness with thanksgiving!


andrea said...

I am so glad you guys had such a wonderful time! Michael did say he was a little out of sorts without you and owen, but I am sure he is looking forward to Saturday! Enjoy the next day with your family and hopefully we will see you this Sunday! Tell Owen his buddy, Kaden, misses him and wants to play!

Special K said...

Surely, your cup runs over! I have to admit that seeing youe big celebration amazed me. What blessings you have, and when you share it with us, we are blessed as well!

Cary, Cara, Jordan & Jaron said...

Hi Natalie,
I randomly decided to check out your blog today...I was thinking ya'll were coming back to Texas soon, and I was wondering when, and now I know! When you get settled, let's get together for a playdate!! Also, I really loved the story about Spooky the Bear. A few months ago, I bought an extra "doggy" for Jaron that is hiding in my closet just in case a scenario like that happens to me! I guess on vacation it would be harder to pull off the switcheroo....But in any case, your story about traveling, missing an important piece of luggage, having one of your kids throw up, and all the while holding an infant seems all too familiar to me. I'm glad I'm not the only one. :) See you soon!