Monday, January 5, 2009

McNeese Meals: The Diet Starts Tomorrow

The annual McNeese family Christmas became a New Year's Day event this year. Mom took great pains to plan the following menu:

Anno Nuovo Felice with the McNeese Famiglia
Thursday, January 1, 2009
Visiting begins early afternoon
Eating begins @4:00


Fried Artichoke Hearts
Fresh Tomato Brushetta
Antipasto Platter
Orange, Arugula & Kalmata Olive Salad
Rustic Italian Bread

Portata Principale
Cheese-filled Shells

Dried Cranberry & White Chocolate Biscotti
Pannetone Bread Pudding with Orange Sauce
Assorted sweets

Cafe, Pellegrino, Lemonada, & Tea

Mouthwatering, no? The fun part was that every family member brought a different item (recipe provided from Mom earlier in the month) and the main course was made by a favorite local Italian restaurant. We had a great time, and the only leftovers were because once Grandmom gets on a roll baking sweets, she can't stop. So, when the menu says "assorted sweets" that includes homemade chocolate covered cherries, blackberry jam cookies, pecan pie, apricot cheesecake, chocolate covered pecans, and more. Gracious!

Photo Gallery:

Mom, Michael (hubby), and Cary (cuz-in-law) on the back porch

Christmas tree pre-exchange

Stephanie and Lee (sis-in-law and bro)
Cary and Cara (Happy Anniversary to my cousin and her groom!)

Haley (cousin) jammin' on GH3
Jaron and Owen (second cousins to one another)
Jaron in the mini-bounce house Mom borrowed from a friend
Jordan (Jaron's bro) chill-axin' on the bounce house

Grandad and Kimberly (cousin)

Hannah (cousin) and her momma Holly (aunt)

Owen has always gravitated towards Jaron is no exception.

Grandmom and me
More McNeese girls!
Two of my favorite men: Michael and Dad

After food, fellowship, and the gift exchange, we were all fat and happy! But the question remains, where was Uncle Art? Jim was in New York, but how did I not get one picture of Art? And for those concerned, Denny the Attack Schnauzer was visiting his dogfriend Belle and was not in attendance.


hallbk said...

Thank you!!! Kathryn told me about the wonderful gathering and meal that you all enjoyed. I hope we get to meet someday. And congratulations on your upcoming summer blessed event. When I got to visit with your Dad a couple of years ago he was very convincing that he had the very finest grandchild in the entire world. Now he will certainly have the top two.
Bonnie Hall

Laura said...

wow, what a spread! Happy New Years, looking foward to seeing you once you're back in CA!

Sue said...
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