Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our Snow Man and His Pet

Well, no snow...Fresno's usual sun and smog has turned to cold and fog...and so it shall remain for winter, the locals tell us. Owen fell in love with the green (his favorite color) scarf Sushi gave me at Thanksgiving, so to make sure I got to keep my scarf, he got one of his own:

Oooh, and to keep his gigantic melon warm, a hat too. Yes, the only hat that even stretched over his frontal lobe was the size 10-14. I know, he's 3. Movie quote for Julie: "It's like Sputnik! He can go and cry himself to sleep on his huge gigantic pillow!"

With our friends the Roses moving to New York, Owen was given custody of their pet goldfish "Rose". He has renamed her "Rosie", so I hope she's not too confused when she swims to the surface in the morning for her daily fish flakes.

Those who know my frugal side would think I would be happy to get such a return on my investment, but may I say that after a month of fish ownership, I was (*blush*) sad to find out that goldfish can live for 25 years. Rosie is already a year old!

Now, my mom does have a helpful hint for "transitioning" to other involves bleach. Rose Family, don't worry, I'm not going that route...yet. Your fish is safe with us. :)

It's fun though to hear Owen tell Rosie good morning (a la Bill Murray in "What About Bob?"..."Good morning, Gill! Gill? I said, Good Morning!") and let him have the responsibility of feeding her every morning. He's doing a great job.

Now, I'm off to ask the neighbors to "fish-sit" while we're in Texas this month. Aaah, pet ownership. :)


andrea said...

Those are adorable pictures of Owen! Is that where you guys were this morning, Texas??? We missed you. If you are in town, try and come to our life groups girl night Tuesday too!!!

The Tucker Family said...

Hey Friend! It was a blessing spending a few hours with you tonight at Life Group! You are so sweet, thoughtful and beautiful! I am thankful for our friendship! Praying that you have a wonderful time back home, relax and spend good quality time with the fam! Want to hear all about it!
Blessings, Steph Tucker