Saturday, December 13, 2008


In the footsteps of the Apostle's our little tentmaker:

Did you know a light-saber is a tent-building tool? See video below:

Final Product with Dad: 45 minutes for O-boy to build, 10 minutes before rowdy play destroyed it. Totally worth it to him though.

Finishing Touches Video:

Part of the reason for the tent was that this was one of the last nights in his little bed (converted from his IKEA crib). It's now been totally "princess-ed" out by my friend Jamillah's daughter. Way to go, Z, for being in a "big girl" bed! As for Owen's new twin bed, here it is in its unadorned state:

Sushi and I will be spending some time over the holidays looking for a dust ruffle (nothing sounds more manly, right?), comforter, and sheet sets for Mr. Owen. For now, it's just the coolest thing because it's so tall.

Here's Owen letting Spooky Bear test how far it would be to fall off this bed.

And that's me...testing how long I can make one post...still, I have to whet the grandparents' appetites before we arrive for the holidays...right?

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Special K said...

You could make Martha look whimpy. Impressed!