Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where in the World is Little Owen Arnold?

If you haven't seen any new posts, I haven't already given up on blogging already. Michael is in Pasadena for the next 2 weeks taking his LAST class at Fuller. He says last, but I'll believe it when he walks across the stage and receives that doctorate next June. Why does that influence my blog? He took the computer. Today, I'm mooching my friend Rae's (teacher friend from Glendale). Tomorrow, we return to Fresno. And since I'm not comfortable mooching the computers of any of my new neighbors, you'll just have to wait until the Mike-Man returns to hear about the following:

Owen and I visiting Los Angeles
The Natural History Museum
Music at the Zoo
Seeing our old apartment and Fuller friends
My first official day on the job with FUSD
2 weeks flying solo with Owen in Fresno

As you wait for the next pictures and news, could you be praying about our childcare situation for Owen? Thank you, friends!

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Robyn said...

Your son is just incredibly cute! J.J. still refers to "Ogen" around here as one of his friends. He seems oblivious to the fact that that is his only time to have been around him and that he's got his name wrong. Friendships that start at camp normally turn out to be pretty good ones.