Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fireworks, Baseball, and Other Owen Events

Latest words/antics/adventures from Owen:

1. Carrying him down the stairs, I said, "One day soon, you'll be too big for me to carry you." And he replied, "But not today! Maybe tomorrow."

2. Recently, he asked where his imagination is, and I pointed between my temples. "My imagination is in my forehead?" So, yesterday when I came into his room after nap, he said, "Mom, today, my forehead opened up and my room turned into a jungle. Then a bear came out and roared at me."

3. Last night, I am re-reading my July 4th post, trying to decide if I wanted to post it or not, Owea adds his commentary by coming out of his room (after 40 minutes "asleep") with poo all over his hands and, upon further inspection, all over the wall and his spooky bear. Michael took the wall, I took the boy, and the washing machine downstairs took the bear and laundry. Owen's reaction was like "oops. I got in over my head. YUCKY YUCKY YUCKY! Mom, come in here!" He did apologize after he saw how much it took to clean everything up and when he realized he wouldn't be getting his bear back tonight. Thank you, Mom, for cleaning me up when I did this, and Micah, if you're reading this, I thought of you and Emma and said a prayer for your strength.

4. FIRST HALF OF SLIDESHOW: Owen did buy and pop fireworks, with Michael's help. The fireworks stand by our house has this big inflatable tube guy ("The Noodle Man"), and Owen wants to see him all the time. Whenever we drive by, I sing the Noodle Man song (to the tune of "I Know a Weiner Man" for all you Camp Deer Run folks), so Owen thinks it's hilarious. Michael just thinks we're weird. Owen was sad to drive by the Noodle Man's house today and realize that he's gone. Until next year, when we can sing it again.

5. SECOND HALF OF SLIDESHOW: Owen attended his second baseball game today (first one at Dodger stadium when he was an infant). Yep, I know I deprived Owen of a Ranger game in late June, but it was the last week of school and Mommy was exhausted. Fast forward to this month, and I'm still exhausted. So, we took the Roses up on their invitation to the Fresno Grizzlies AAA game. Ignore the fact that they're part of the Giants organization. Owen did well, and the highlight of the game was the big fireworks show AND Owen got to meet Parker, the mascot. Owen loved that he was an orange bear (just like the beloved Spooky Bear), so Owen took Spooky to see him after the game. For all the fake smiles and goofy picture faces Owen has been making lately, I think this might be his true estatic smile! And, the Grizzlies won despite the fact that their manager got thrown out in the second inning.

It felt like we were watching Bull Durham because this RiverCats runner got tagged out at second on an attempted stolen base...or so the coach thought. The ump called the runner safe, the manager came out, argued, and kicked dirt around. He got thrown out, and before he left, he stomped over to second base, pulled the base out of the ground, and walked back to his dug out as if to say, "You wanna see what a stolen base looks like? Take a look at this!" It was hilarious. And about a minute later, you see this base fly out of our dugout back onto the field. Not a model of sportsmanship, but entertaining nonetheless.


Wade said...

I fear #3!

Sorry you had to experience that!

Rachel said...

The pictures are great, and the poop story stinks. I love your stories about him and I love his imagination!

Jodi said...

I found you!!!! :) Yippee! And man, I am glad I did because you've got some hilarious stories! :)

Sure did enjoy spending time with you recently... :)