Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Catch Us If You Can...

Summer is in full swing (103 degrees) and so are we. Summer schedules (packing, moving, unpacking, swim lessons, grandparent time, play time, popsicle time) are not for the faint of heart. Still, June is taking it in stride.

Yep, that's how she leaves the house. I said, "Let's go to Sushi's." She said, "I be right back." 2 minutes later, she emerges with her shades, purse, princess ball, and a discovered sucker. A diva moment, for sure.

Aside from grandma visits, we've been busy with a list of to-do's and to-go's.

Here's a pic of June smiling, getting ready for "my Bible animals". That's June-speak for our church's vacation bible school. This year was the story of God's passion for us and promise to us, told through the story of Noah. She is still asking to go to class and wears her shirt as soon as it comes out of the dryer.

Owen has gone crazy from two back to back sessions of swim lessons. See how the chlorine is affecting his brain?

This is the tough guy face.
Even after a 2 year hiatus from swim lessons (or perhaps because of a 2 year hiatus), the daily trip to the Y was met by weeping and gnashing of teeth. Fortunately for his coach, he suspended all surliness during the lesson, tried his best, and summoned courage on a daily basis. We'll keep practicing.

Sadly, we won't be practicing here:
Yes, we have moved and will only be at the beautiful Lost Spurs Ranch pool if we trespass. Almost 2 years there (our 2nd longest stay anywhere as a married couple) didn't make for an easy goodbye. Blessings to our friends and neighbors there; you are loved and will be missed.

We packed the apartment in record time and were blessed to have some Gordon time in the process. Alas, the pack-n-play was at Sushi's, so Aunt Nat thought quickly and made a crib-o-boxes for our sweet nephew. Graco, eat your heart out.

June is naturally affectionate and that love for Gordon combined with wrestling moves learned from Owen leads to headlocks of love.
June, distracted by the TV; Gordon, engaged by the camera. He's so stinkin' cute!
McNeese grandkids, so happy together!
Owen calls him G-Money; Gordon cackles EVERY time he sees Owen walk into a room.
This helmet hair led to a summer buzz cut for Owen. Yikes!

We also caught up with the infamous Skippy Jon Jones at the Roanoke Public Library. Have you ever read one of those books? Loved by the boy, but they wear my tongue out. Anyone else?

As far as the house goes: fireplace removed, lighting installed, tile laid, floors laid, paint on, odd jobs ALMOST done, 3 more boxes to unpack, one garage to organize (our first!!), and an Arnold open house will be here soon! With that and the unpacking, I'm exhausted but happy. Many a morning, I have to slap on my "fake-it-'til-you-make-it" face

but we are loving the life we've been given and cherishing every moment with friends like you!

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Casey Orr said...

That picture of June and Gordon in a headlock is absolutely precious!! And yes, Skippy Jon Jones makes my tongue tired too! :)